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Science X Python

What labs can learn from the python community

What is open science?

Open Science methodology


- transparency

- reuse

- reproducibility

- collaboration

The state of

scientific computing

- minimal code reuse

- virtually no training

- no credit for sw contributions

- minimal discussion of sw in papers & conferences

...and then 'big data' happened

- Astronomy, genomics & collider physics approaching petabyte scale

- Ecological modeling

- Social Sciences --> Digital Humanities

- ...just to name a few.

Enter the Scientific Software Developer

Two Possible Futures


- support collaborative coding

- write for reuse

- promote discoverability

- build capacity

Support Collaborative Coding

Work together or else

Post mortem

the lab did not:

- understand project motivation

- have the (JS) skills to maintain the code

- feel a sense of ownership

with our colleagues

for them

Our code needs to emphasize:

- Simplicity

- Explicitness

- Readability

PEP 20

Writing for Reuse

Avoiding Peak Spaghetti

Reusable engineering

Python normalizes modularity

Python is aggressively modular

PyPI is friendly

Code Exchange

- Make it familiar

- Make it natural

- Make it friendly


Scientific communication is too formal

Pythonistas are loud

- Python meetups start daily (at least)

- Someone blogs about Python every 3 seconds (feels like)


- talks span crunchy to cultural

- talks at all technical levels encouraged

- diversity & ethics explicitly called out

Capacity Building

Education is Complicated

- Rampant gender bias

- Undergrad classes: no room in curriculum

- Online resources don't provide (good) feedback

- Workshops don't scaffold long-term practice

Pyladies is awesome

- diversity first

- peer driven / minimal power hierarchy

- skills focused

- pedagogically smart

Mozilla Study Groups


building a community


building a community

diverse, legible

building a community

diverse, legible, practical

building a community

diverse, legible, practical, accessible

building a community

diverse, legible, practical, accessible & open

Science x Python